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Miserable Andrena (Andrena miserabilis) in Jaws of Jumping Spider

Augochlora Pura Green Bee in Bellflower

Small Carpenter Bee on Wild Rose

Broad-footed Cellophane Bee Flying amid Tomatillo Flowers

Aztec Cuckoo Leafcutter Bee

A Texas mesoxaea on whitebrush

Differential Grasshopper Standoff

Scape Moth on Strawflower

A violet-eyed Little Epeolus Cuckoo Bee

Monarch in Meadow of Gold and Purple

Squash Bee Bathing in Yellow Light of Squash Flower

June Beetle and Ant on Milkweed

A Green Metallic Bee on Silver-leaf Nightshade

A Florilegus condignus long-horned bee

Green Metalliic Bee Emerging from Woodland Nest in Log

Neighborly Andrena Awakening from Sleep

A Common Little Leafcutter Bee Negotiating Tenaza Tree Blossoms

A cuckoo leafcutter resing on lady lupine

Southern carpenter bee

Yellow Crab Spider Transporting a Bumble Bee

A female crooked-legged bee entering an alamo vine flower.

Honey Bee inside White Tree Peony

Long-horned Bee in Palo Verde Tree

An Aztec sweat bee inside a prickly pear blossom

Anthophorula on Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom

A Tetraloniella (Eucera wilmatte) on a yellow aster

Toluca Leafcutter on Texas Snoutbean

Chichimeca Leafcutter and Ant on Wooly Croton

Poey's Furrow Bee inside Gallardia Blossom

A Splendid Agapostemon

A bull chimney bee inside a purple morning glory

Two-spotted Long-horned Bee Traversing Plant Stem

Monarch Caterpillar Battling Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle

Leafcutter Bee on Gaillardia

Carpenter Bee on Sage

Male Cactus Bees Sleeping in a Prickly Poppy

A Honey-tailed Agapostemon in the Grip of an Orb Weaver Spider

Perplexing Bumble Bee Exploring Pink Mallow (Bombus perplexus)

A Female Thoracic Cellophane Bee Peering from its Nest Hole

Honey Bees Gathered on a Hive, Vibrating Their Wings to Keep the Colony Warm on a Cold Day

American Bumblebee on Gaillardia

Brown-belted Bumble Bees on a Thistle

Bumble Bee Carrying Orange Pollen

Iridescence of a Golden Augochlora

Tail End of a Female Say's Cuckoo Leafcutter Bee

Florida pebble bee

Honey-tailed Agapostemon on Berlandier's Fiddlewood

Brown-Belted Bumble Bee Luxuriating in Monarda

Long-horned Bee Gripping Coreopsis Stem with His Jaws

Green Cuckoo Wasp

Southeastern Blueberry Bee

Spined Soldier Bug Eggs

Spring Beauty Mining Bees Mating

Tiger and Black Swallowtails amid Coneflowers in Evening

Ligated Sweat Bee on Strawflower

Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle

Osmia Georgica Mason Bee

Yellow Jacket on Dahlia

A Great Golden Digger Wasp Entering Its Hole

Carder Bee Patrolling His Territory

Long-horned Bee on Sunflower

Monarch Butterfly in Field

Soldier Beetle Surveying Tree Peony

Common Eastern Bumblebee on Yellow and Green

Wilkes Mining Bee on Purple Cow Vetch

Yellow Jackets Devouring an Apple

Halictus rubicundus Bee inside Blossom

Honey Bee Landing on Tree Peony

Luna Moth

Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

Clearwing Hummingbird Moth in Flight

Ligated Sweat Bee in Field of Chamomile

Milkweed Bugs inside Milkweed Pod

Katydid on Milkweed Leaf

Garter Snake amid Skunk Cabbage

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