List of Bee Species


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Affiliated masked bee

(Hylaeus affinis)

American bumble bee

(Bombus pensylvanicus)

Aztec cuckoo leafcutter 

(Coelioxys  azteca)

Aztec sweat bee 

(​Augochlora azteca)

Birkmann's cellophane bee

(Colletes birkmanni)

Birkmann's Exomalopsis

(Exomalopsis birkmanni)

Black-footed oil-digger bee

(Centris atripes)

Cactus woodborer bee

(Lithurgopsis littoralis)

California digger bee
(Anthophora californica)

Capitatus digger bee
(Anthophora californica)

Chichimeca leafcutter bee 

(Megachile chichimeca)

Coelioxys edita cuckoo leafcutter

(Coelioxys edita)

Common little leafcutter bee 

(Megachile brevis)

Compact Anthophorula 

(Anthophorula compactula)

Crooked-legged bee 

(Ancyloscelis apiformis)

Diadasia rinconis chimney bee 

(Diadasia rinconis)


Dwarf Epeolus cuckoo bee

(Epeolus pusillus)

Florilegus condignus long-horned bee

(Florilegus condignus)  

Four-banded Nomia bee

(Nomia tetrazonata uvaldensis)

Frisky Svastra long-horned bee

(Savastra petulca)

Gilded  Augochlorella

(​Augochlorella bracteata)

Globe mallow bee

(Diadasia diminuta)

Golden Augochlora 

(​Augochlora aurifera)

Green metallic bee

(Augochloropsis metallica)

Hercules Sphecodes bee

(Sphecodes heraclei)

Honey bee 

(Apis mellifera)

Hostile  leafcutter bee 
Megachile inimica inimica

Honey-footed Exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis mellipes)

Honey-tailed Agapostemon

(Agapostemon melliventris)

Lassioglossum (Dialictus) sweat bee

(Lasioglossum Subgenus Dialictus)

Ligated sweat bee / Ligated furrow bee

(Halictus ligatus)

Megachile (Megachiloides) leafcutter bee
Megachile (Megachiloides)

Megachile cf. toluca leafcutter bee 
Megachile (Tylomegachile) cf. toluca 

Melissodes opuntiellus long-horned bee  

(Melissodes opuntiellus) 

Melissoptila otomita long-horned bee 

(Melissoptima otomita)

Melitoma marginella chimney bee  

(Melitoma marginella)

Mexican carpenter bee  

(Xylocopa mexicanorum)

Miserable mining bee  

(Andrena miserabilis)

Mission Perdita  / Six-spotted Perdita

(Perdita missionis / sexmaculata)

Modest masked bee

(Hylaeus modestus)

Mournful long-horned bee  

(Melissodes tristis)

Nevada Dieunomia

(Dieunomia nevadensis bakeri)

Osmia subfasciata mason bee 

(Osmia subfasciata)

Ochraceous chimney bee 

(Diadasia ochracea)

Panamanian masked bee

(Hylaeus panamaensis)

Parallel  leafcutter bee
Megachile parallela

Parkinsonia carpenter bee

(Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae)

Policaris leafcutter bee 
Megachile policaris

Ringed Exomalopsis   

(Exomalopsis anilis)

Sabine Svastra long-horned bee

(Savastra sabinensis)

Scopate Perdita 

(Perdita scopata)

Shining oil-digger bee  

(Centris nitida)

Sida leafcutter bee 

(Megachile sidalceae)

Silver-tailed petalcutter bee 

(Megachile montivaga)

Solanum Exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis similis)

Slender resin bee

(Megachile exilis)

Slosson's sand-dwelling cuckoo leafcutter 

(Coelioxys slossoni arenicola)

Snow's Exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis snowi)

Solanum Exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis solani)

Spring Triepeolus cuckoo bee

(Triepeolus vernus)

Strand's carpenter bee 

(Xylocopa strandi)

Sunflower chimney bee

(Diadasia enavata) 

Swenk's cellophane bee

(Colletes swenki)

Tepanec long-horned bee  

(Melissodes tepaneca) 

Texas Agapostemon

(Agapostemon texanus)

Texas cellophane bee

(Colletes texanus)

Texas small carpenter bee
(Ceratina texane)

Texas cuckoo leafcutter

(Coelioxys texanus)

Texas nomad bee

(Nomada texana)

Triepeolus rufoclypeus cuckoo bee

(Triepeolus rufoclypeus)

Tropical Diadasia chimney bee

(Diadasia tropicalis) 


Variegated Heriades resin bee

(Heridades variolosa)

Wilmatte's long-horned bee  

(Tetraloniella wilmattae / Eucera wilmattae)  

Zaptlana leafcutter bee   

(Megachile zaptlana)



Andrena (Larandrena) miserabilis
Perdita (Cockerellia) scopata
Perdita (Perdita) missionis / sexmaculata



Ancyloscelis apiformis
​Anthophora (Anthophoroides) californica 

Anthophora (Mystacanthophora) capistrata

Anthophorula (Anthophorula) compactula

Apis mellifera

Bombus (Thoracobombus) pensylvanicus

Centris (Paracentris) atripes

Centris (Hemisiella/Heterocentris) nitida
Ceratina (Callceratina) cobaltina

Ceratina (Zadontomerus) texana

Diadasia (Coquillettapis) diminuta

Diadasia (Coquillettapis) rinconis

Diadasia (Dasiapis) ochracea 

Diadasia (Dasiapis) tropicalis 

Diadasia (Diadasia) enavata

Epeolus pusillus 

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) analis

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) mellipes

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) similis
Exomalopsis (Phanomalopsis) snowi

Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) birkmanni

Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) solani

Florilegus condignus

Melissodes (Eumelissodes) tristis

Melissodes (Melissodes) tepaneca

Melissodes (Tachymelissodes) opuntiellus 

Melissoptila otomita

Melitoma marginella

Nomada texana

Svastra (Epimelissodes) petulca

Svastra (Epimelissodes) sabinensis 

Tetraloniella (Tetraloniella) wilmattae
    aka Eucera (Xenoglossodes) wilmattae

Triepeolus rufoclypeus

Triepeolus vernus

Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa) mexicanorum

Xylocopa (Schonnherria) micans

Xylocopa (Stenoxylocopa) strandi
Xylocopa  (Notoxylocopa) 
    tabaniformis parkinsoniae



Colletes birkmanni

Colletes swenki

Colletes texanus

Hylaeus (Hylaeana) panamensis

Hylaeus (Prosopis) affinis

Hylaeus (Prosopis) modestus


Agapostemon (Agapostemon) melliventris

Agapostemon (Agapostemon) texanus
Augochlora (Oxystoglossella) aurifera
​Augochlora (Augochlora) azteca

​Augochlorella bracteata

Augochloropsis (Paraugochloropsis) metallica

Dieunomia  nevadensis  bakeri
Halictus (Odontalictus) ligatus

Lasioglossum (Dialictus)

Nomia (Curvinomia) tetrazonata uvaldensis
Sphecodes heraclei


Coelioxys (Leuraspidia) azteca

Coelioxys (Xerocoelioxys) edita

Coelioxys (Neocoelioxys) slossoni arenicola

Coelioxys (Synocoelioxys) texanus

Heriades (Neotrypetes) variolosa

Lithurgopsis littoralis

Megachile (Argyropile) paralella

Megachile (Chelostomoides) exilis

Megachile (Litomegachille) brevis

Megachile (Megachile) montivaga
Megachile (Megachiloides)

Megachile (Neochelynia) chichimeca

Megachile (Pseudocentron) sidalceae

Megachile (Sayapis) inimica

Megachile (Sayapis) policaris

Megachile (Sayapis) zaptlana

Megachile (Tylomegachile) cf. toluca 

Osmia (Diceratosmia) subfasciata

For an explanation of 2018 changes in the Latin names of long-horned bee species,
such as Tetraloniella, see this link.


Agapostemon  melliventris

Agapostemon texanus 

Ancyloscelis apiformis *

Andrena miserabilis
​Anthophora  californica

Anthophora capistrata *

Anthophorula compactula

Apis mellifera

Augochlora aurifera *

​Augochlora azteca *

​Augochlora bracteata
Augochloropsis metallica

Bombus pensylvanicus

Centris atripes

Centris nitida *

Ceratina cobaltina *

Ceratina texana

Coelioxys azteca * 

Coelioxys edita

Coelioxys slossoni arenicola *

Coelioxys texanus

Colletes birkmanni

Colletes swenki

Colletes texanus

Diadasia diminuta


Diadasia enavata

Diadasia ochracea 

Diadasia rinconis

Diadasia tropicalis *

Dieunomia nevadensis bakeri

Epeolus pusillus

Exomalopsis analis *

Exomalopsis birkmanni *

Exomalopsis mellipes *

Exomalopsis similis *

Exomalopsis snowi *

Exomalopsis solani

Florilegus condignus

Halictus ligatus

Heriades variolosa

Hylaeus affinis

Hylaeus modestus

Hylaeus panamensis

Lasioglossum (Dialictus)

Lithurgopsis littoralis *

Megachile brevis

Megachile chichimeca *

Megachile exilis

Megachile inimica inimica

Megachile montivaga

Megachile parallela
Megachile policaris

Megachile sidalceae

Megachile zaptlana *
Melisoptila otomita *

Melissodes opuntiellus

Melissodes tepaneca *

Melissodes tristis

Megachile cf. toluca  *

Melitoma marginella *

Nomada texana

Nomia tetrazonata uvaldensis

Osmia subfasciata
Perdita missionis / sexmaculata

Perdita scopata

Sphecodes heraclei

Svastra petulca
Svastra sabinensis

Tetraloniella wilmattae
    (Eucera wilmattae)  *

Triepeolus rufoclypeus

Triepeolus vernus *

Xylocopa mexicanorum *

Xylocopa micans

Xylocopa strandi *

Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae

  Rarely found in the U.S.

*   Found within the U. S.
     only in Texas or near
     the Mexican border.

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