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 List of Bee Species


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Unless otherwise noted, all species below

appear at the National Butterfly Center


Affiliated masked bee

(Hylaeus affinis)

American bumble bee

(Bombus pensylvanicus)

Apiform crooked-legged bee 

(Ancyloscelis apiformis)

Aztec cuckoo leafcutter 

(Coelioxys  azteca)

Aztec sweat bee 

(​Augochlora aztecus)

Baker's dieunomia

(Dieunomia nevadensis bakeri)

Bancroft's protandrena

(Protandrena bancrofti)

Puerto Rico, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Roma, TX (Starr County)

Barrel cactus long-horned bee

(Svastra duplocincta)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr Co.)

Birkmann's cellophane bee

(Colletes birkmanni)

Birkmann's exomalopsis

(Exomalopsis birkmanni)

Black-legged long-horned bee

(Svastra duplocincta)

Puerto Rico, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr Co.)

Black-legged oil-digger bee

(Centris atripes)

Bull chimney bee

(Melitoma taurea)

Roma, TX (Starr County)

Cactus ashmeadiella

(Ashmeadiella cactorum)

Alto Bonito, TX  (Starr Co.)

Puerto Rico, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr Co.)

Cactus woodborer bee

(Lithurgopsis littoralis)

California digger bee
(Anthophora californica)

Chichimeca leafcutter bee 

(Megachile chichimeca)

Cobalt small carpenter bee

(Ceratina cobaltina)

Common little leafcutter bee 

(Megachile brevis)

Compact anthophorula 

(Anthophorula compactula)

Constricted metallic bee

(Lasioglossum (Dialictus) coactum

Los Fresnos, TX (Cameron Co.)

Port Isabel, TX (Cameron Co.)

Coreopsis long-horned bee 

(Melissodes coreopsis)
Weslaco, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Discordant pebble bee

(Dianthidium discors)

Alto Bonito, TX (Starr Co.)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr Co.)

Dwarf epeolus cuckoo bee

(Epeolus pusillus)

Faintly-banded mason bee 

(Osmia subfasciata)

Fancy-footed protandrena

Protandrena ornatipes

Los Fresnos (Cameron Co.)

Fasciatella long-horned bee  

(Eucera fasciatella)

Roma, TX (Starr County)

Four-banded nomia bee

(Nomia tetrazonata uvaldensis)

Frisky long-horned bee

(Svastra petulca)

Frugal leafcutter

(Megachile frugalis)

Puerto Rico (Hidalgo Co.)

Gilded  augochlorella

(​Augochlorella bracteata)

Globe mallow bee

(Diadasia diminuta)

Glorious protoxaea

(​Protoxaea gloriosa)

Puerto Rico, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Roma, TX (Starr Co.)

Golden augochlora 

(​Augochlora aurifera)

Greater ashmeadiella

(Ashmeadiella maxima)

Green metallic bee

(Augochloropsis metallica)

Griswold's carpenter bee  

(Xylocopa griswoldi)

Hercules sphecodes bee

(Sphecodes heraclei heraclei)

Honey bee 

(Apis mellifera)

Honey-footed exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis mellipes)

Honey-tailed agapostemon

(Agapostemon melliventris)

Honduran calliopsis 

(Calliopsis hondurasica)

Hostile leafcutter bee 

Megachile inimica inimica

Ignored fairy bee 

(Perdita ignota)

McAllen, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Intermixed cellophane bee

(Colletes intermixtus)

McAllen, TX  (Hidalgo Co.)

Ligated furrow bee

(Halictus ligatus)

Little prickly pear-horned bee  

(Melissodes opuntiellus) 

​​Marginate chimney bee  

(Melitoma marginella)

Masked salvia digger bee

(Anthophora californica)

Mesquite resin bee 

(Megachile prosopidis)

Roma, TX (Starr County)


Mexican feather-tongued bee 

(Ptiloglossa mexicana)


Miserable mining bee  

(Andrena miserabilis)

Mission fairy bee 

(Perdita missionis)

McAllen, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Modest masked bee

(Hylaeus modestus)

Mournful long-horned bee  

(Melissodes tristis)

Ochraceous chimney bee 

(Diadasia ochracea)

Pale-gold cellophane bee

(Colletes mandibularis)

Brownsville (Cameron Co.)

Puerto Rico (Hidalgo Co.)

Rio Grande City (Starr Co.)

Panamanian masked bee

(Hylaeus panamaensis)

Parallel  leafcutter bee
Megachile parallela

Parkinsonia carpenter bee

(Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae)

Petulant leafcutter

(Megachile petulans)

Roma, TX (Starr County)

Policaris leafcutter bee 
Megachile policaris

Portly / otomi long-horned bee 

(Melissoptima pinguis / otomita)

Red-faced Triepeolus cuckoo bee

(Triepeolus rufoclypeus)

Ribbed Stelis cuckoo bee

(Stelis costalis)

Harlingen, TX (Cameron Co.)

Rincon chimney bee 

(Diadasia rinconis)

Ringed Exomalopsis   

(Exomalopsis anilis)

Sabine long-horned bee

(Svastra sabinensis)

Scaly cuckoo leafcutter

(Coelioxys editus)

Scopate fairy bee 

(Perdita scopata)

Puerto Rico (Hidalgo Co.)

Shining oil-digger bee  

(Centris nitida)

Sida leafcutter bee 

(Megachile sidalceae)

Silver-tailed petalcutter bee 

(Megachile montivaga)

Singular cuckoo bee 

(Leiopodus singularis)

Slender resin bee

(Megachile exilis)

Slosson's sand-dwelling cuckoo leafcutter 

(Coelioxys slossoni arenicola)

Snow's exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis snowi)

Solanum exomalopsis  

(Exomalopsis solani)

Spring Triepeolus cuckoo bee

(Triepeolus vernus)

Strand's carpenter bee 

(Xylocopa strandi)

Steel-blue mason bee 

(Osmia chalybea)

Sunflower chimney bee

(Diadasia enavata) 

Swenk's cellophane bee

(Colletes swenki)

Tepanec long-horned bee  

(Melissodes tepaneca) 

Texan resin bee 

(Megachile texensis)

Teniente Tract (USFWS)

Hidalgo/WIllacy Co.

Texas agapostemon

(Agapostemon texanus)

Texas cellophane bee

(Colletes texanus)

Texas cuckoo leafcutter

(Coelioxys texanus)

Texas long-horned bee

(Svastra texana)


Texas mesoxaea

(​Mesoxaea texana)

Puerto Rico, TX (Hidalgo Co.)

Roma, TX (Starr Co.)

Texas nomad bee

(Nomada texana)

Texas protandrena

(Protandrena texana)

Roma (Starr Co.)

Texas small carpenter bee
(Ceratina texana)

Toluca leafcutter bee 

Megachile (Tylomegachile) cf. toluca 

Totonac cuckoo leafcutter 

(Coelioxys totonacus)

McAllen TX (Hidalgo County)

Tropical chimney bee

(Diadasia tropicalis) 

Tyler's agapostemon

(Agapostemon tyleri)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr Co.)


Variegated resin bee

(Heridades variolosa)

Viereck's nomad bee

(Nomada vierecki)

Wilmatte's long-horned bee  

(Eucera wilmattae)  

Woolly-white long-horned bee  

(Eucera paenalbata)

Rio Grande City, TX (Starr County)

Worthy long-horned bee

(Florilegus condignus)

Zacatec triepeolus cuckoo bee

(Triepeolus zacatecus)

Alto bonito (Starr Co.)

Zaptlana leafcutter bee   

(Megachile zaptlana)



Andrena (Larandrena) miserabilis

Calliopsis (Calliopsis) hondurasica

Mesoxaea texana
Perdita (Cockerellia) scopata

Perdita (Hexaperdita) ignota

Perdita (Perdita) missionis

Protandrena (Protandrena) bancrofti

Protandrena (Pseudopanurgus) texana

Protandrena (Pterosarus) ornatipes

Protoxaea gloriosa




Ancyloscelis apiformis
​Anthophora (Anthophoroides) californica 

Anthophora (Mystacanthophora) capistrata

Anthophorula (Anthophorula) compactula

Apis mellifera

Bombus (Thoracobombus) pensylvanicus

Centris (Paracentris) atripes

Centris (Hemisiella/Heterocentris) nitida
Ceratina (Callceratina) cobaltina

Ceratina (Zadontomerus) texana

Diadasia (Coquillettapis) diminuta

Diadasia (Coquillettapis) rinconis

Diadasia (Dasiapis) ochracea 

Diadasia (Dasiapis) tropicalis 

Diadasia (Diadasia) enavata

Epeolus pusillus 

Eucera (Xenoglossodes) fasciatella

Eucera (Xenoglossodes) paenalbata

Eucera (Xenoglossodes) wilmattae

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) analis

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) mellipes

Exomalopsis (Exomalopsis) similis
Exomalopsis (Phanomalopsis) snowi

Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) birkmanni

Exomalopsis (Stilbomalopsis) solani

Florilegus condignus

Leiopodus singularis

Melissodes (Eumelissodes) coreopsis

Melissodes (Eumelissodes) tristis

Melissodes (Melissodes) tepaneca

Melissodes (Tachymelissodes) opuntiellus 

Melissoptila pinguis / otomita

Melitoma marginella

Melitoma taurea

Nomada texana

Nomada vierecki

Svastra (Epimelissodes) atripes

Svastra (Epimelissodes) petulca

Svastra (Epimelissodes) sabinensis 

Svastra (Epimelissodes) texana

Svastra (Idiomelissodes) duplocincta

Triepeolus rufoclypeus

Triepeolus vernus

Triepeolus zacatecus

Xylocopa (Neoxylocopa) griswoldi

Xylocopa (Schonnherria) micans

Xylocopa (Stenoxylocopa) strandi
Xylocopa  (Notoxylocopa) 
    tabaniformis parkinsoniae


Colletes birkmanni

Colletes intermixtus

Colletes mandibularis

Colletes swenki

Colletes texanus

Hylaeus (Hylaeana) panamensis

Hylaeus (Prosopis) affinis

Hylaeus (Prosopis) modestus

Piloglossa mexicana


Agapostemon (Agapostemon) melliventris

Agapostemon (Agapostemon) texanus

Agapostemon (Agapostemon) tyleri
Augochlora (Oxystoglossella) aurifera
​Augochlora (Augochlora) azteca

​Augochlorella bracteata

Augochloropsis (Paraugochloropsis) metallica

Dieunomia  nevadensis  bakeri
Halictus (Odontalictus) ligatus

Lasioglossum (Dialictus) coactum

Nomia (Curvinomia) tetrazonata
Sphecodes heraclei heraclei


Ashmeadiella (Ashmeadiella) cactorum

Ashmeadiella (Ashmeadiella) maxima

Coelioxys (Glyptocoelioxys) totonacus

Coelioxys (Leuraspidia) aztecus

Coelioxys (Neocoelioxys) slossoni arenicola

Coelioxys (Synocoelioxys) texanus

Coelioxys (Xerocoelioxys) editus

Dianthidium (Dianthidium) discors

Heriades (Neotrypetes) variolosa

Lithurgopsis littoralis

Megachile (Aryropile) parallela

Megachile (Chelostomoides) exilis

Megachile (Chelostomoides) prosopidis

Megachile (Chelostomoides) texensis

Megachile (Leptorachis) petulans)
Megachile (Litomegachile) sp.

Megachile (Litomegachile) brevis

Megachile (Megachile) montivaga
Megachile (Neochelynia) chichimeca

Megachile (Pseudocentron) sidalceae

Megachile (Sayapis) frugalis 
Megachile (Sayapis) inimica inimica 

Megachile (Sayapis) policaris
Megachile (Sayapis) zaptlana
Megachile (Tylomegachile) cf. toluca

Osmia (Diceratosmia) subfasciata

Osmia (Helicosmia) chalybea

Stelis (Dolichostelis) costalis

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Agapostemon melliventris

Agapostemon texanus

Agapostemon tyleri

Ancyloscelis apiformis  *

Andrena miserabilis

​Anthophora californica

Anthophora capistrata  *​

Anthophorula compactula

Apis mellifera

Ashmeadiella cactorum

Asmeadiella maxima  *

Augochlora aurifera  *

​Augochlora azteca  *

Augochlorella bracteata
Augochloropsis metallica

Bombus pensylvanicus  (threatened)

Calliopsis hondurasica  *

Centris atripes

Centris nitida
Ceratina cobaltina  *

Ceratina texana

Coelioxys aztecus (rare in U.S)

​Coelioxys editus

Coelioxys slossoni arenicola  *

Coelioxys texanus

Coelioxys totonacus 

Colletes birkmanni

Colletes intermixtus

Colletes mandibularis

Colletes swenki

​Colletes texanus

Diadasia diminuta

Diadasia enavata

Diadasia ochracea

Diadasia rinconis

Diadasia tropicalis  *

Dianthidium discors  *

Dieunomia nevadensis bakeri

Epeolus pusillus

Eucera fasciatella

Eucera paenalbata

Eucera wilmattae  *

Exomalopsis analis  *

Exomalopsis birkmanni  *

Exomalopsis mellipes  *

Exomalopsis similis  *

Exomalopsis snowi  *

Exomalopsis solani

Florilegus condignus  (uncommon in U.S)

Halictus ligatus

Heriades variolosa

Hylaeus affinis

Hylaeus modestus

Hylaeus panamensis  (rare in U.S)

​​Lasioglossum coactum

Leiopodus singularis  (uncommon in U.S)

Lithurgopsis littoralis  *

Megachile brevis

Megachile chichimeca  *

​Megachile exilis

Megachile frugalis

Megachile inimica inimica

Megachile montivaga  (uncommon in U.S)

​​Megachile parallela

Megachile petulans

Megachile policaris

Megachile prosopidis

Megachile sidalceae

Megachile texensis

Megachile cf. toluca   *

Megachile zaptlana  *

Melissoptila pinguis / otomita *

Melissodes coreopsis  (range extension)

Melissodes opuntiellus

Melissodes tepaneca *

Melissodes tristis

​​Melitoma marginella  *

Melitoma taurea  (range extension)

Mesoxaea texana  (rare in U.S)

Nomada texana

Nomada vierecki  *

Nomia tetrazonata uvaldensis

Osmia chalybea

Osmia subfasciata

Perdita ignota

Perdita missionis  *

Perdita scopata

Protandrena bancrofti

Protandrena ornatipes

Protandrena texana

Protoxaea gloriosa  (uncommon  in U.S)

Ptiloglossa mexicana  *

​​​Sphecodes heraclei heraclei

Stelis costalis  *

Svastra atripes

Svastra duplocincta

Svastra petulca

Svastra sabinensis

Svastra texana

Triepeolus rufoclypeus *

Triepeolus vernus  (uncommon in U.S)

​​Triepeolus zacatecus  (uncommon in U.S) *

​​​​​Xylocopa griswoldi  *

​​Xylocopa micans

Xylocopa strandi *

Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae

*     Within the U. S., found

        principally in Texas or near 

        the Mexican border.

   First record of species
in the U.S.

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