Unknown Colletes Bee

Size:  10 mm (female) 

Associated plant:

Shrubby blue sage
(Salvia ballotiflora)

Plant family:  Laminaceae

When seen: May 4, 2021

McAllen, TX

Female Colletes

Face of female bee - the bee's face is bald and coarsely pitted.

The female bee has a very short malar space, and its clypeus is protuberant.

The bee's thorax is coarsely pitted and hairless in center. On the edges is a mixture of light and dark hairs.

Close-up of coarsely-pitted scutum.

First specimen of female Colletes

Female Colletes shown above:  This is a 10 mm female Colletes found on Salvia ballotiflora.  The bee has a very short malar space and a protuberant clypeus.  Its face and scutum are coarsely pitted.  It has very little hair on its thorax.  Its hind basitarsi are medium width (about 1/3 as broad as they are long).  The hairband on T2 is interrupted, and the pits on T2 are denser and finer than those on T1.

Female Colletes shown below.  Below is a Colletes found on a silverleaf nightshade about 15 feet from the Salvia ballotiflora where the above bee was feeding. This bee is similar, but hairier.   I think these may be the same species -- one is just a little more worn than the other?

There is another species of Colletes visiting the silverleaf nightshade that's very different from the above two -- it is a shaggy bee with all-pale thorax hairs and complete hairbands on its abdomen (including on T2).  But I have yet to get close-up photos of this species.

Colletes intermixtus

Size:  10 mm (female) 

Associated plant:

Silverleaf nightshade
Solanum elaeagnifolium

Plant family:  Solanacea

When seen: May 4, 2021

McAllen, TX

Female bee found on silverleaf nightshade

Female bee

Face of female bee

There are curved ridges behind the bee's ocelli. I also noted these on the vertex of the first bee, shown above, found feeding on shrubby blue salvia.

Profile of face, showing protuberant clypeus.